Our little guy, Simon (almost 5 years) loves Knights.  He will read, look at, watch, listen to, and talk about anything that has to do with Knights.  Naturally, he wants to BE a Knight and wholeheartedly believes he truly WILL become one.  He also understands that at his age, he’d start as a Page – which is something I just learned last week!

This morning, when he was bored and needing something engaging to do, I pulled out a copy of “The Knights and Castles Sticker Book” we had on our Usborne book case.  I was skeptical that it would keep his attention, but, was I ever surprised!  It’s now officially a demo book as he spent over an hour intensely putting stickers on the pages.  (With that scrunched eye-brow, tongue-out look only a 4-year-old can perfect).

First, he created a really neat battle scene, in which every character had his place and his purpose.  It was so fun to have him excitedly tell me who was doing what and why. Then, he dressed a Knight in armor, created a Jousting scene and built a castle using sticker blocks, bricks, windows, flags, etc.

I love the creativity this book inspires and how much fun it is for boys (or girls, if they’re into this sort of thing)!  It is a fantastic tool for encouraging concentration, and the use of the brilliant creative minds children have.  I also love the practical use of helping children hone their manual dexterity and focus on attention to detail.  After he was finished with the book, he talked about what he’d done within the pages for much of the day and we talked about what it would be like to be a Page.

What a FANTASTIC book.  We love it!  Who said kids can’t still have a great time with a little good old fashion Sticker Book fun!?  Wonderful.

The final battle scene!

Simon (my little buddy) and I –

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