Our four-year-old loves Sports.  So, naturally, the Olympics fascinated him this year.  Although we choose not to have a TV, he saw some of the games at family’s homes and we uploaded some videos online.  He was in awe of the athletes and so amazed that they won medals for our Country.

What a great teachable moment!

Here’s the activity we did once I realized how interested in this topic he was.

Olympic Medal Canada Flags –

1. Using construction paper, we cut out a large white rectangle, two smaller rectangles, and a maple leaf.  (For Audrey, who’s 3, we discussed the shapes/colours).

2. We glued everything together to make Canadian Flags and discussed our Country’s flag and that Canada was our Country, Ontario -our province, and Dundas – our town.

3. We cut out 3 circles and I got the kids to colour them bronze, silver, gold.  We discussed how the medals work and that gold is first place, and so on.  We discussed how proud we should be of our Olympic Athletes for earning the most gold medals ever at a Winter Olympics.  With Audrey I got her to show me the shapes and colours she could find on her flag and had her glue her circles ‘at the top’ of her flag.  Simon wrote the number of each medals won on the correct cut-out medal.

4. Simon then naturally wanted to know how many medals we had earned in total so we wrote out the question – 14+7+5 and he did the equation himself.

Simon’s flag

Audrey’s flag

What a fantastic way to incorporate what is happening in the world around us into what we’re learning.  We had fun!  Audrey (preschool) worked on fine motor skills, shape/colour recognition.  Simon (JK) worked on his geography, math (addition), and learned a lot about the importance and grandeur of the Olympics (history).