To many people (including myself) there is nothing more beautiful and feminine than a pregnant belly.  I loved my pregnant tummies – to me they were such a clear sign of womanhood, fertility, and the blessing of being able to carry and birth my little ones.

But there’s nothing quite like that first look in the mirror after giving birth.  On one hand, you are ecstatic to have the most amazing blessing you could ever imagine, and on the other, you are often in shock of what a mess you really are!  Being a mom of three, I know what pregnancy and birth can do to a body.  Even more-so, I know what it can do to a woman’s body image.

You don’t have to be vain, or even remotely self-absorbed to feel a little (or a lot) upset about the state of your post-baby body.  Sure, we live in a very image-driven world and I wholeheartedly wish we didn’t.  But, the reality is, most women care very much about what they look like.  Whether it be for our husbands, ourselves, our children, or whatever reason  – we want to look and feel good.  Period.

This week I found a FANTASTIC website.  I would encourage all women – pre-baby, pregnant, post-baby, teens, grandmas, you name it – to check it out:

What a breath of fresh air to hear the stories of other women just like me.  What beauty to see these bodies who have carried and birthed miracles.  I love the idea and I am in full support of any effort that empowers women to love who they are inside, AND out.