Today we had a lot of fun making our Crafty Houses.  They’re very easy to make but tons of fun!  I love the many layers of learning woven into the activity.  It’s also just a great way to encourage little ones to use their imagination and build a “world” of their own centered around their house.

Our daughter drinks Soy Milk like crazy, so I simply saved two empty containers and rinsed them out.  Then we covered Simon’s with paper (Audrey opted out of this step).  Then the kids painted and decorated them as they desired.  I helped them make the roof/chimney.

I then encouraged them to pick our a color of “land” to put their house on and we glued the houses to those pieces of paper.  Simon, the ever-over-achiever wanted to put and “extension” on his house (HAHA!).  So, we used a recycled tea box for the add-on.  Too funny.

We used 2 packets of tea for the grass by ripping them open and sprinkling the tea over glue.  We gladly ate some Easter Chocolate Eggs and used the wrappers for flowers in the gardens.

This is a virtually cost-free but very fun craft/activity to do with preschoolers/early years kids.

To add on, I talked to Simon and Audrey about where we live.  We practiced saying our address, town, province, country, and continent.  I then showed them what all those things looked like on a world map.  I was so excited to see Simon repeat everything we’d learned to his Daddy when he came come from work.  Fun!

Simon’s house

Audrey’s house – she had a few too many chocolates in the process… haha!

Simon’s close-up

Other ideas to pull more learning out of this craft:

  • Talk about what type of house you live in and the different kinds of homes that exist (townhome, semi, apartment, etc.)
  • Discuss how blessed we are to have a warm, comfortable home
  • Ask your children what kind of home they’d like to have when they ‘grow up’
  • Pull in a little chat about seasons, depending on what season your child gravitates to when creating (IE: spring flowers, grass growing, etc.)
  • Talk about conservation, electricity, recycling, etc. in relation to our homes and global responsibility (tie in the idea that you used so many recycled items to make such great houses!)
  • Use your imagination!