The latest marketing ploy from Huggies has me twitching as I type.  Huge ads sprawl text like, “Make a Little Fashion Statement” and “Fashionable Diapers for your Baby”.  Seriously?  Last time I checked, I wasn’t concerned with whether my little ones’ diapers were ‘cool’ but rather, whether they kept them clean and dry.

Here’s a look at some of the advertising being used –

A link to the commercial on YouTube:!v=sQ0M9CBEkw0&feature=related

Some might say I’m uptight, but I think we need to take a more critical look at this campaign and what it means.

There’s something pretty creepy about using sex to sell baby diapers.  I have a serious problem with a commercial that insinuates women are ‘checking out’ a toddler because he looks so ‘good’ walking down the street in his hip nappy.   Many Moms have mentioned being thrilled that along with going short or pant-free, their babies will also avoid that awful ‘diaper line’ problem.  Huh?  Are we really this shallow as parents that we are concerned about our child’s diaper peeking up over his jean shorts?  Yikes.

In ads like the TV Commercial and the second print ad I posted above, you’ve also got babies being dressed up as and made to look like adult men.  Adult men who are attractive, sought after by grown women, and even possibly ‘sexy’.  If you can’t see it, you’re not taking a close or critical enough look.  With a society that is moving towards sexualizing younger and younger girls and boys –  campaigns like this can’t be ignored or bought into so easily.  We need to take a step back and refuse to contribute to these kinds of messages (IE: don’t buy them, consider not buying Huggies, or even send a letter to them if it bothers you enough).

On a very logistical note, there are several Mom Blogs with claims and comments posted that these diapers are actually leaving blue stains on babies’ legs and clothing.  This is concerning and I wonder what dyes are being used and if they are safe to be nuzzled next to a little one’s sensitive skin for hours at a time.

I also have a hard time with products that encourage parents to ensure that even their infants and toddlers are indeed, “in fashion”.  As the campaign tag-line suggests, do our babies really have to “look cool while pooping”?  Why are we placing so much emphasis on the way these tots look?  Do we really need to start the anxiety (mostly in the parent’s need to have baby measure up) THIS young?  What’s going to be next – diapers with brand names like GAP and Abercrombie printed on the bum?   C’mon!  Has Huggies completely gone off the deep-end or am I the only parent who is seriously concerned for a society that stresses about needing our baby diapers to look “chic”?!

*shakes head*