A couple nights ago, as I washed dishes, I was consumed by an over-whelming sense of gratitude.   Normally, doing dishes and cleaning the house happens at about 10pm for Wes and I.  So, needless to say, I’m usually not too thrilled about the task.

As I was wiping the counter tops, I randomly started thinking about the Mamas out there who don’t have a kitchen.  Mamas who can’t wash dishes in the sink because there is no running water.  Mamas who may not even have dishes to do because there was no food to cook.  And then I started clearing plates and looking at all the waste the kids had left behind.  My eyes well-up as I think  that the amount of food I scrape into the green bin could be enough to feed a starving child a bigger meal than he’ll get in a week.

How dare I complain or grumble when I tidy up at the end of a busy day?  How dare I.  I am BLESSED.  I have so much more than I’ll ever need.  I can run warm water to wash our dishes.  I have a warm, clean kitchen filled with artwork from our kids, spices, teas, delicious goodies, and happy family memories.  I have electricity.  I have a fridge full of healthy, fresh food I can reach in and give my child when he is hungry.  I have clean drinking water to offer my daughter when she’s thirsty.  I’ve never had to feel my heart break while I watch my children cry in pain because they are starving and their Mama has no food to give them.

This may not sound like the kind of thoughts that would fill me with anything but extreme sorrow.  And I do feel sorrow – I weep for all the families who live in poverty and especially those Mothers who simply cannot provide the basic necessities for their children.  I pray for them.  I pray for our Sponsor children and their families and their communities.

And I thank God that I am so, so blessed.  Joy and thankfulness fill me.  I want this feeling to last.  I want to live in light of all I have, not all I don’t have.  Oh, Lord – help me to remember all the Mamas who have so much less than me, and to never ever take a simple task like ‘doing the dishes’ for granted.  The simple fact that I can and need to do the daily chore of ‘washing up’ makes me deeply and immeasurably blessed in so many ways.