Our family is always on a quest for fantastic non-fiction.  Mainly, because our kids love it so much!   But through my interaction with parents I’ve found that most tend to seek fiction picture books and young literature but neglect to offer their children a full diet of engaging real-life, fact-based books.

Great non-fiction can be just as exciting and adventurous as fiction but can also teach, enlighten, and encourage kids to explore the world around them.  (We also can’t forget that boys tend to gravitate heavily towards enjoying non-fiction.)

A fantastic book we discovered this week is, “Redwoods”, by Jason Chin.

“Redwoods” invites us on an exciting journey with a young boy as he boards the subway and finds himself in the heart of the Redwood Forest among the majestic, ancient trees.  

To say the illustrations are breath-taking, is an understatement.  Every page is a colorful dreamworld where you just wish you could jump right in and join the young boy on his journey.  Ours kids stare in awe.

The book covers interesting facts spanning from the height and name of the tallest Redwood, their super-amazing fire repellent qualities, their climate, their size in relation to buildings and the Statue of Liberty, to how they can even create their own rain (wow!).

The story is followed by a two-page “Redwoods in Danger” piece that gives kids (and parents) additional information about the reality of the threats facing these amazing trees.  I love this section as it really brings home the idea of taking care of our planet, respecting God’s creation, and living green.

This is a fantastic book for kids and parents alike – if you want to learn more about the Redwoods, and if you just want to enjoy a fun, engaging read!

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