When I was a little girl, I had visions and dreams (yes, real dreams) of living in a house filled with walls of children’s books.  I don’t really know where those thoughts came from, but they’ve stayed with me.  I’ve always had a love affair with reading and writing – spending hours in my room creating and re-creating plots and characters for various novels, series, and short stories.  It started at age 8.  By 13, I published my own mini-magazine about my favourite band, Hanson (still the best!) and had my Dad drive me around the city hand-delivering monthly releases to my subscribers, who paid $3/copy.  (For what it’s worth, they cost me $2.87 or something like that to PRINT).  Haha.

I’ve worked at two bookstores and spent the past six years writing with the Children’s Institute of Literature and trying to convince myself that a career in writing IS possible (still waiting…).  Truth is, books are in my blood.  I’m sure that’s what brought me to Usborne.  When I read online (completely by chance) that Usborne was seeking consultants, I practically jumped out of my chair.

And I was right to be excited.  As I soon discovered, for book lovers like me, Usborne literally is a dream job. In a nutshell, for me, it’s like this:

I receive large boxes of books at my doorstep, most of which are for me to give to an ecstatic party hostesses and their guests, all eagerly awaiting their piles of Usborne Books.  That’s fun in itself… but it gets better!  Many of those boxes are usually filled with countless free books we’ve picked out for our family to keep.  My kids scream and squeal with delight at the sight of every new box brought by our beloved Canpar Sir.  We all sit together on the living room floor, ripping at packing tape and gushing over the new titles.   We (myself, my children, my husband)  fall in love over and over with every Usborne book we experience, adopting these beautiful books into our home like new family members. 

I then have the amazing privilege of getting PAID to share my love, understanding and knowledge of these fabulous books with other parents, children, families, educators, and members of the community. I watch in complete delight as the people around me fall just as hard as I have for these incredible books that have earned the right to be called “USBORNE books”, not just “books”.

The nitty gritty – what Usborne Consultants do (in much more technical terms):

  • personal sales and consulting with families, educators, homeschoolers, etc. to aid in a child’s reading journey or the teaching needs of a parent of educator
  • Home Book Parties where the hostess receives large amounts of free or highly discounted Usborne Books for having her friends and family over to see and hear about the books, their educational layers, and appeal to kids and adults alike
  • School Sales, Literacy Fairs, and Fund-raisers within schools (pre-schools, daycares, private, Catholic, and public school boards) and some educational institutions
  • Community events such as festivals, literacy events, community fairs, school open houses – you name it – to promote literacy, the love of reading, and our fantastic titles!
  • Online sales
  • Corporate sales
  • Use your imagination…  there truly are no limits…

Usborne Books at Home is a business that offers freedom, flexibility, great income and rewards and bonuses that truly feed the soul of the whole family with wonderful books to inspire more time together, open minds, life-long learning, and sound literacy skills.

I look around at our house, and it is truly the home I envisioned when I was a child – shelves of books over-flowing onto beds and sofas.  Children (and parents!) curled up with their favourite titles here, there, and everywhere.  We’ve filled our home with these amazingly educational and entertaining titles and our kids LOVE reading.  And now, I’m also able to give books away to kids in need, organizations, charities, and family and friends.

I love that our children see, on a daily basis, how important reading is to me and what value I place on inspiring others to enjoy books as well.  They’ve asked many times if they can ‘come to the book show too’ so they can show the titles they love.  Maybe when they are a little older, we’ll do just that!

I’m not a sales person.  Actually, I hate sales.  I’m just a lover of books with an entrepreneurial spirit – and I know there are many others just like me – seeking something like Usborne Books at Home.  This is a company with a 30+ year reputation as one of the most respected publishers of educational children’s books.  This is the type of business that supports family togetherness and a parent’s freedom to choose when and how much to work.  This is an opportunity to inspire others with a strong, incredibly timely and worth-while message and product.

The doors are WIDE open for more Usborne Books at Home consultants, Educational Specialists, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and beyond in our area and in all of Southern Ontario.  This is such an incredible opportunity, I’d feel like I was being greedy by keeping it to myself.  I love working with others and I love sharing success.  As a Team Leader in the Hamilton/Dundas area, I’m here to help in so many ways – training, moral support, practical advice, meetings, shared events, the lending of my books for parties and literacy fairs, racks, banners, supplies, and the list goes on.  I love to help!  We also have a team of knowledgeable, open, kind-hearted people who are always willing to encourage any new team members.

If you are looking for a fun way to make friends, have fun, run your own business, earn income, make a difference in your community, bless your family, and grow as an individual – Usborne could be for you.  We offer low start-up costs, easy start, and lots of support.  You could have a blast falling in love with and sharing a fabulous product that is already in high demand!


Fall is the busiest season for us – and there is a fabulous Start-up Kit on sale RIGHT NOW.

If you would like more information about the Usborne opportunity, please check out the following ways to hear more:

  • We are having an Usborne Info Night on Tuesday August 24th, 2010 at 7:30pm @  William’s Coffee Pub at 1250 Brant St., Burlington!  If you would like to attend, please RSVP by emailing me or calling me at 905-627-5080.
  • Download the “What a site!” kit sale flyer by clicking here.  Or view the site info at Usborne Books at Home by going HERE.
  • Download the current Kit Sales (book bundle images) by going here.
  • EMAIL ME at cldorman@sympatico.ca and ask for more information (I have files I can send you that will help you understand the business more clearly)
  • Check out more information and view a VIDEO by visiting my personal website.

Please, contact me directly with any questions or if you decide you would like to join our team!

Cassandra Dorman

905-627-5080 or 905-870-4856