I love history, I love good movies, and I loved The Young Victoria.  Mid-movie snuggle with my hubby, I turned to him and practically shouted, “Who could POSSIBLY think history is BORING!?”.  But, unfortunately, so many people do.  Especially kids and teens.

Great books can be a fantastic way to engage kids (and ourselves!) in historical information, but, sometimes movies do the trick in really bringing things to ‘life’ in  a way no other medium can.

If you or your children are interested in British history, the monarchy, or history in general – I would strongly suggest seeing this movie.  If you or your children ARE NOT interested in any of the above topics, I’d still say, watch this movie!

Often times, seeing a well-done historical film can spark a deep desire for more information and a better understanding of a given topic.  About a third of the way through the movie (when our son woke up for the second time…),  I jumped up and grabbed one of the reference books in our home Usborne library, The Victorians.  We immediately started hungrily reading the first two pages, scoping out the family tree for a better understanding of how the line progressed.  I would have NEVER picked that book up for that purpose any other time!

When it comes to movies, I’m picky.  So, like most movies I watch, The Young Victoria is rated PG.  I found it to be completely inoffensive, incredibly well-written and beautifully executed cinematically.  It’s completely safe, in my opinion, to show children of an appropriate age (I’d say 10-11 ish), but because of the complexity of the content and a couple of scenes with violence (a gun shot, some arguing) – I’d urge you to watch it first yourself and use your own judgment.  Here is the Plugged-In review.

My mind has been awakened to a new curiosity about the royal family, the industrial revolution, and the reign of Queen Victoria and what it has meant for the monarchy, England, Canada, and the world.  Our family will definitely use this film to enrich our studies when we come to a time when we are covering these subjects.