I’m thinking about all the teachers getting ready for school tomorrow and felt inspired to write a little prayer for them:

For all the dedicated educators who guide children in discovery – may you find joy and purpose in your very important task.

You, the teachers, who spend hours at night preparing for the next day – driven to inspire the children around you.

You, the teachers, who invest unbelievable amounts of your own money and resources into your classrooms and schools to ensure students are enriched and engaged.

You, the teachers, who offer guidance and love to students who trust you…

Who listen lovingly when no one else will…

Who inspire and enlighten.

May you never lose sight of the impact you have on the future of our nation and on the hearts of children.

May you have strength for the task, patience in the trying times, and perseverance that flows from the knowledge that there is a ‘bigger picture’.

May you be blessed this school year with all you need to be a positive and unforgetable leader in the lives of your students.