I think it’s hilarious that our daughter continues to say, “we’re moving house!”.  You can tell we’ve been reading lots of UK-based Usborne Books…

But we are.  Well, reading lots of Usborne AND moving.  I’m still in a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and general craziness.  Ever since we were married, my hubby and I have dreamed of moving to the country where our kids would have a big lot and we’d have lots of space to run, plant gardens, have bonfires, and enjoy nature.  It never had to be big or fancy – just sweet and warm, and cozy.  Well, our dream is becoming reality!  We’re moving from our townhome to a beautiful little fixer-upper on a quater acre lot on top of the escarpment.  I feel blessed, elated, scared, and nervous all at the same time.

Our new home

I never thought I’d live in Dundas.  I’d only been here a handful of times as a child.  But when we found our first home here, we settled in and grew a strong attachment to this beautiful town.  There’s nothing better than being in a community where you can go to the park or walk to the store and pass 4 families you know my name.  This home is where we raised all of our babies – and had 2 beautiful homebirths.  There are so many amazing memories, happy times, growth – so much has taken place in the home we will be leaving…

I can still glance over to the side of my bed and see a vision of my beautiful Aunt Deb (who passed away last year) smiling and crying as she watched me hold a newborn Alex, elated with me in the bliss of his birth.

I can still feel the warmth of Christmas Dinners around the table, the smell of Grandma’s pies warming in the oven – and giggle at cherished moments like when Aunt Deb almost singed her wig (for the second time) while trying to take the turkey out of the oven… she always had such an amazing sense of humor.

Sitting at the foot of our recliner, intently listening to Gramps tell funny and heart-warming stories of his childhood in Nova Scotia – and then writing down everything I could remember at the end of the night, so I’d never forget even one of those precious tales.

Other moments are less obvious, but equally special – like when Uncle Tony taught me how to prepare a Turkey on Christmas day, when my Mom-in-law and I shared a long chat over tea at the Kitchen table,  when family-friends Jenny and Joe brought us a special gift of love after Simon broke his arm, when our neighbours recently came over and expressed how much they’ll miss us through tears…

I sigh at the thought of our little ones teetering on the way down the (too many) stairs that line this house – and I want to cry at the thought that there will be no more of our babies teetering here – because they’re getting so big.

The times cuddled up in our big bed reading story after story – feeling the bliss of three warm little ones sleepily taking in the beautiful pages.

Late-night (after we’d managed to get all the munchkins to bed!) movie nights and cheese dips with Wesley – those times that aren’t special because we’re doing anything exciting, but because we’re simply together.

The hundreds of Moms and families and babies I met and helped wear their babies when Panda Pouch was run out of our first floor.  How their stories inspired me, changed me, and how many good, lasting friendships I’ve made.

The time Wes and I laid in bed staring at a dark ceiling and I whispered, “Wanna hear something funny? ….  I’m pregnant.”  (With a VERY SURPRISE number 3 babe… haha.)

The work – OH! The work that has been put into this home – My Dad… the love he has shown to us and the amount of time, care, effort, and hard sweat and work he’s put into our home with us.  My Mom and her love-filled help and warmth… my sister and the times we’ve sat and had tea and chatted about life, boys, and everything else!

The times my heart has been warmed to the core as I watched our kids run to the door screaming, “NANA!  PAPA! AUNTIE CARRIE!” or “GRAMMA!  GRAMPA!” or even, “MISSS JENNNNNNNY!”, “MISS DENIIIISSSSE!” (or insert any other good friend’s name with a “Miss” in front!)

The countless hours of time I’ve spent sitting in our kitchen, creating, learning, and discovering with the kids… endless games of Chess with Simon – some before 7am (sigh), hundreds of colouring pages with Audrey, and cherished messy snack-time with Alex.

Late night chats, laughter, and desserts with my parents… more special to me than they’ll ever know…

I could go on forever – but everything in life has a season, doesn’t it?

We’re ready to move forward.  *Gulp*  We are grateful for what we’ve had and grateful for what we will have.  And it took me some time to realize that all these memories will stay with me – they are not tied to this house, they are bound in my soul.

Memories are wonderful things because they have no end while we are on this earth!  More can be created at our new home – more rich, wonderful times – full of love.  And I look forward to painting, decorating, having the kids’ help with setting up our rooms and making them warm and fun.  I crave setting up the kids’ discovery centers and books everywhere and making our home full of excitement and creativity – we’re surely missing those things living in our currently staged house!

Praise God for memories that live with us forever – and for new beginnings and the excitement and opportunity they bring!

Keep in touch over the next few weeks/months – I plan to blog our journey as we move into our new house and journey towards making it ‘home’ 🙂