When we got the keys to our new place Friday, I was excited.  REALLY excited.

When we actually pulled up Saturday morning, unlocked the door, and stepped in – I saw everything with new eyes.  New, scared, reality-based eyes.  I’m willing to admit – most of Saturday consisted of me acting as a mini-tyrant, running around upset at the world in ‘almost’ tears, looking at this tiny, beat-up country home we wanted so badly.  Thank goodness my husband and parents are so forgiving and understanding.

The past 5 days have been a roller-coaster of emotions.  I’ve hit everything from elated to completely devastated to laughing out loud.  The home we bought is the kind of house you drive by and think, “Aw, that’s a cute little country home!”.  But, you never really know what that can mean until you move into one – or start to.  (We don’t actually move in until late November).  Almost everything is needed.  None of the electrical outlets are grounded and there are almost no outlets in the upper level and none in the bathrooms at all.  The walls move when you push them because the plaster is so old and poorly done – everything inside seems to slant in some way or another (though the foundation is very solid).  There is almost no storage, we need a new septic system, a complete outdoor re-vamp (including what takes a digger), insulation, better and more efficient heating, new windows (they’re original – with the old pullies… pretty neat!), the basement has it’s own little stream (great for the kids! *snort*) and needs to be completely fixed,  the cistern needs emptying, cleaning, servicing, and re-filling because our water is currently toxic and filled with E coli.  And that’s just to start…


But this is what we signed up for!  We knew all this when we invested in this beautiful little home on a gorgeous 1/4 acre property on the escarpment.  And it’s going to be worth it!  Right?  Please, just say, “Right!”.

Despite the ups and downs, I have been consistently ‘up’ for about 48 hours now, so I think I’m well on my way to being generally okay with this decision.  A whole lot of coffee, chocolate, and a new kitchen have also REALLY helped my transition.  This is a journey, and I’m excited, for sure.  I’m

Alex almost conked out on the new living room floor... just thinking about all the renovating is TIRING!

especially excited my Dad is so excited because without him, we’re sunk.  And, that would pretty much sink the excitement too.  Excitement is the word here.  I’m building on it.   Literally, actually!  And my Mom’s continued support in every way keeps me going too.  Wes and I are really, really – well – excited about what is to come.  Even if it is a ridiculous amount of work.  And money.

The first big decision we made that was above and beyond what we were planning to do right away is the kitchen (as mentioned).  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and especially for us – as it’s where we do a lot of home schooling (art projects, science experiments, games, activities, reading, phonics lessons, math, on and on) every single day.  When I stepped into our new house and really took a good look at the kitchen, my heart sank to my toes.  Don’t get me wrong, the room is beautiful – three huge country windows and lots of space – but the cabinets were almost non-existent and what was there was old, tacky, and falling apart.  We originally said we’d rough it out for a while, but our hearts are telling

The kitchen as it is right now. Yikes.

us a different story.  And thank goodness we have my Dad, who is so willing to help with the install.

As soon as I found out we were doing the kitchen, my spirits lifted.  I felt there was hope in the world, so long as I could have a beautiful kitchen.  Who cares if there’s no water and I’ll have to run extension cords to run the blender – dangit, I’ll have my kitchen!  ha…

In all honesty, despite the chaos of dealing with BIG issues like water, septic, and electrical concerns, there’s something therapeutic about doing something simple and soul-warming like picking out paint colours and buying cabinets.  Funny, because I’m not at all a shopper and would never ‘shop’ for therapy – but in this case, that kind of stuff has been and will most-likely continue to be my refuge!  For all else, we can only look up.  We truly believe this home is a gift from God to us – if only we could fit a bow around it.  All the quirks and bumps in the road will only make us stronger and help us appreciate life-as-we-know-it more.  We are so blessed – as a family, in this community, in this country – and by God!  Let the fun begin!


Proof the new Kitchen is a sure-thing! 🙂

Paint choices... comments?



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