This week my mood has changed from complete stress-mess to only a bit of a stress-mess.  I figure it’s a good improvement, given the circumstances.  My Dad, again, has been hard at work with myself and Wes acting as mostly a support, given that Wes works full-time and I’m with the three munchkins all day.  The evenings and weekends are full-out work time though…  and today was no exception.

Today I really got my hands dirty and helped Dad wire.  I’m learning so much about things I never would have dabbled in before, and I’m loving it!

Fishing for wire with Dad's help.

Human nature is impatient.  We want to see results.  Now.   In other words, “There have been new kitchen cupboards in the Sunroom for almost 2 weeks… WHY AREN’T THE UP?  Where’s my KITCHEN?!?”  (haha)   But, there is so much more to do that you DON’T see before you get to the fun part you DO see.  Leveling floors, running wires, insulation, layout, design, receptacles and placement, working with code, trimming wainscoting, laying new flooring, on and on.

Running wires sucks.  It’s boring, it’s dirty, it’s time-consuming, and it’s gross.  Trust me, I’m not a girly-girl but it’s just plain ‘yucky’ to put your hand and arm in a wall that’s 150 years old.  It’s covered in cobwebs, nasty “stuff” and, heaven forbid – I was just waiting to feel something furry and dead.  It could happen.  It’s happened to me before!  So, like any good city girl would, I wrapped my sleeve around my hand shoved it down as fast as I could and said, “Mom, take a picture… I need proof.”  *snort*  Oh, the things I do for my Dad… not that it’s my house or anything!

We did accomplish running all the wiring for the Kitchen and I’m amazed at what can be done (to code too!) with a Dad who knows his stuff and a couple willing helpers!  Hooray for electricity in the kitchen… pretty useful stuff!

Rm. 1

Wes’ Dad also helped us pull the ceiling tiles off the rooms on the second level.  The reason for doing this is 2-fold :

  1. The tiles are just plain ugly and we want fresh drywall.
  2. We want to insulate properly up there.

Room number 1 (the boys’ room) didn’t look so bad!  Just older plaster, covered by 1x2s (placed to attach the tiles).  Everything is quite level and pretty much ready for new drywall and touch ups after the insulation guys do their thing with Drill and Fill and foam.

Room 2 was a different story – the plaster was falling off in chunks and the ancient slats and putty were showing…. er… along with a gambit of other disgusting-looking things.  Luckily, no mold or anything scary (health-wise).    The basic plan is to tear everything down to where we have to, clean it up really well, insulate (done professionally by Insta-Insulation), sturdy of the studs, level it off, re-drywall, and then we have a professional plaster guy coming it to finish everything to perfection.  It’s going to look FANTASTIC.  (Pics to come, of course!)

Room 2. A glance at history - we figure this is original.

A Step Back in Time…

I don’t know if I’m just sappy or a sucker for history or what, but I love finding old wallpaper on walls.  I’m filled with wonder about the kind of person who put it up, the child who lived in that room, what year it was, what events happened, all sorts of questions flow through my mind.  I wish I could have a full history of our home and see photos of the families who’ve lived there.  I  love seeing the old styles and giggle at the thought that this wallpaper was actually really, really cool at some point in time…


Under the Kitchen wood... 1970s/80s?



In one of the upstairs rooms... 1940s/1950s?


In our master - 1960s/70s? Not sure... guesses?


That’s it for now… more to come…  an update pic on the progress of the kitchen –


Kitchen - Nov. 6, 2010

God Bless, all!