Oh, thank heavens for prepared Dads and black spray paint!  When I was wondering what to do to fill in just a bit of time at the new house yesterday, Dad suggested I touch up the outside lights, decorative corner thingies (I know, technical terms), and mail box. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of the mail box… basically, it was shiny gold.  Now it’s black… you can use your imagination!  😉

Spray paint is surprisingly easy to use, effective, and cheap.  Love these results!  Try it for yourself – I think we made these things look new – and it only cost about 2 hours of time (from taking them down, to painting, to wiring them/screwing them back up again) and a $5 can of paint!

Corner decorative thingies "BEFORE"

AFTER! Love them!

And the lights – which were actually pretty nice lights – very ‘country’ looking when lit up at night.  They were in is pretty bad shape from lack of cleaning, weather, etc.  The pics:

Front door light BEFORE

Front door lights mid-makeover

The final product - just like new! 🙂

Simple Tips for Re-touching with Spray Paint:

  • Work outside – it’s too messy and the fumes are too strong to be inside.
  • Clean off as much dust, rust, and weathered matter as you can before starting.
  • Be sure to tape off areas you do not want the paint to touch.  I used painters tape and some newspaper to protect the glass and it worked just fine.
  • Lay down cardboard in a large area and work on top of the cardboard.  Spray paint will not wash off surfaces and will stain your driveway, grass, etc.
  • Spray about 7-10 inches away from the object using light, wispy strokes.  You will likely need several light coats.  Don’t paste it on too thick or it won’t look right… I did this with our mailbox and it’s not as good as the objects I really took my time with.
  • Have fun and enjoy great results on a dime!