The attic my Dad spent hours in this week...

The past few days have been very long and filled with dirty, difficult, time-consuming HARD work.  The concept of “risk” comes in that we don’t know what we’ve fully gotten into – we don’t always know what’s behind that drywall or what is hidden in the attic… but when you jump into a fixer-upper, you take that risk.  And I was always taught the value of Risk and Reward – and I’ve tried to implement it as much as possible in my life.  It has yet to fail me.

This week has consisted of mostly the “risk” kind of work (at the ‘risk’ of sounding redundant!).  You know, the hard, dirty, crappy stuff no one wants to do.  It’s been long.  Thank goodness my Mom took the week off and was able to help with the munchkins!  (Often a risk in itself with the way they were this week… but that’s another blog post!  ha!).

When we bought the house, we knew a lot of the wiring needed to be fixed – it was old, ungrounded, and sporadic (to say the least).  Many rooms didn’t have outlets at all or had one functioning, ungrounded outlet.  The upstairs bathroom had no power to it beyond one light.  Audrey’s room had no light beyond a lamp plugged into the only outlet.  My Dad (with some help here and there) has rewired the majority of the entire house.  Everything is properly grounded with new wiring, and there are several outlets in each room and proper over-head lighting.

My Dad is an amazing guy.  He works hard – very hard.  When he asked me 3 weeks ago if I wanted more outlets, etc., throughout the house and mentioned that we should fix a lot of the wiring… I just said, “Yeah, sure!  That’d be great!”  Haha!   I had NO IDEA what kind of work it would entail.  I just figured, since he made it sound so easy, it would be easy!  But the entire process took several days of full work, including one night where we were all there until almost 4am.

Screwing in drywall and scraping old wall-paper at 11pm... FUN!

The wiring process is still pretty hazy to me.  I have full trust in my Dad’s abilities – so I do as he says.  He spent much of the time in our attic – fully face-masked, goggled, and clothed so as little old insulation as possible was touching his skin.  He was passing wire down through the wall cavities in the various rooms while I cut appropriate sized holes for outlets and shoved my hand as high up as possible and fished for the wires.  It’s hot, itchy, dirty work – the kind you HAVE to wear full “gear” for.  God bless my Dad – he had it worse of all.  I was in the rooms (not the attic) and I was itching and coughing like crazy.  (Yes, I was wearing a mask).  Some wires can take up to 2-3 hours to get right.  The nice thing is, once it’s done – it’s done.  NEVER again!

The very next day we had Insta-Insulation come in and blow insulation into the whole house.  They filled the wall cavities by punching 2-3 inch holes in the drywall and  blowing in.  They also did the entire attic.  Now, the house is so much warmer and we have the peace of mind of knowing it’s insulated properly (there was almost zero insulation before).  We’ll insulate the basement once Omni-Basements has done their work down there.

That same day, we had test hole dug in the backyard by a Bobcat – so a lot of holes were being made at the house on Thursday!  A little nerve wracking for my Mom to see a Bobcat pull-up… haha!  Especially when she wasn’t aware we’d re-changed BACK our minds about having the test holes done!  It’s funny, because I feel so clueless about most of the Septic business.  When the Septic specialist said he’d have to do a couple test ‘holes’, I envisioned a guy with a spade and a test tube…  HAHA!  I guess Septic test holes are slightly bigger… and require things like Bobcats and Diggers.  Who knew?  *snort*

An example of our indoor "holes" - here's Audrey's room pre-fixing... attic hatch up top.

Back inside – after insulation came drywall on the ceilings of the upstairs rooms.  WHAT a DIFFERENCE!  If you ever have a 1 1/2 story home that has the ceiling “tile” look, I encourage you – pay the money and do the work to properly drywall the ceiling.  I will take pictures in the next few days as the process continues and our plaster expert makes it seamless.

On a more personal level, today I walked into the house and was overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth.  Not temperature warmth, heart warmth.  When I went upstairs and saw the ceilings in our rooms, I teared up.  Sure, I was there until after 11pm last night helping to screw up the drywall – but it had received it’s first coat of plaster and it’d been 12 hours since I last saw it.  I was in awe.

It’s one thing to see your future home be torn apart.  It’s emotional and even gut-wrenching in parts… it truly is.  It takes a lot of trust in the people who are helping you to watch your home (literally) fall down around you.  But when you start to see those small, miraculous steps towards rebuilding – you’re over-come with elation.

So, I’m filled with joy and gratitude today.  For everything I have, for my Dad, Mom, and family and friends who are helping us and supporting us so much, for all you wonderful people who follow this blog and give me reason to keep writing and journaling this crazy journey, for our children who will grow up in this home, for God and His amazing love – just – for life.  I live a crazy, blessed, richly full life!  Can’t wait to live it a-top the Escarpment in Greensville!

The "after" - roughed in drywall in Audrey's room! What a change!

Well, as soon as we have a kitchen… and bathroom… and the power is fully connected… and the giant hole in our master bedroom is fixed… and….. OH, my goodness… we have less than 2 weeks!  But hey,  NO PROBLEM!


But, in all seriousness, we are really starting to see the “Reward” on the horizon and getting small glimpses of what will be… our cozy little Country home… the one we’ve always wanted.  What a dream come true…

Stay tuned!  This week – new flooring, the kitchen goes in, painting, new bathroom, and more…   😉  Right, Dad?  hehehe






A “small” project (as he called it) that my Dad did for us as a surprise – a new back step!  Love it!  🙂

New back step Dad built in no time at all.




Updated Kitchen pic – haha… looking good, eh?  Use your imagination!

Hey... it's got a fridge! 😉


More pictures, for fun…

Post tile-tear down, pre-drywall ceilings.

Our master thus far .... lovely, isn't it?!


I need more pics of Dad… going to work on that…  wish I had of grabbed one of him with his head-light, face mask, and jeans tucked into his socks… DARN!


Thanks for reading!  🙂