Well, first of all – I need to apologize for how long it has taken me to update everything.  Life has been NUTS.

For all those who are interested in my jibber-jabber:

The move went fairly well, though, it was incredibly hard and made for some very long days and nights towards the end of the stretch before moving day.  Moving day itself consisted of a night and a day.  The night we had help from Wes’ two friends from work (God bless those men!!!) who moved the big things like our fridge, stove, and big furniture.  And moving day was pretty much just Wes and I – and we had the kids too.  Yes, it was pretty insane.  It’s hard when you move on a Wednesday…

The night we settled in, Simon came into our room at 3am and promptly threw up all over my side of the bed.  Great.  And we had no washer/dryer.  And half of our belongings, including tooth brushes, pillows, and most blankets were trapped in the back of a huge moving van which was still FULL in our driveway…  it wasn’t a fun time.  Simon was sick all the next day, followed by Audrey, then Wesley.  So, our first 4-5 days in our new home basically consisted of fevers and stomach flu.  What a welcome!  I wasn’t a happy camper that first week!!!  I have a horrible phobia of vomiting and the over-all feeling in a home when everyone is sick like that makes me so disheartened.  It was a weird way to move in.  Luckily, Alex and I didn’t get it.  Thank goodness.

Things are much better now.  (Can’t believe that was nearly a month ago already).  We are really feeling at home.  There are no boxes in sight, most of the renos are complete (minus some smaller things that we’ll plug away at), and the Christmas decorations have been up for a couple weeks.  I’m feeling at peace with our decision to move here and so grateful for everything we have.  What a blessing to have such a sweet, cozy, warm home to raise our family in.  I thought I’d miss our old house horribly, but the truth is, I don’t miss it at all.

I’m overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and happiness, actually.  Every time I walk into our new home, I smile.  This is the home I’ve always dreamed of.  Which might be funny for some people, because it is small, and in need of some work, and over 100 years old!  But, it’s perfect in my mind.  I can still remember Wes and I sipping tea so many nights, sitting in our town home and dreaming together of owning a small country home.  We didn’t want anything fancy or big or showy.  Just a home that was filled with love, that we could make warm, cozy and lived-in.  This house is all of that.  Our family spirit is all over this place already and I love how that makes me feel inside.

Doing a lot of home parties for Usborne, I’ve seen A LOT of houses.  It’s amazing, the vibe you can get the instant you walk into a house.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming – either to the positive or negative side.  I truly hope that when people come into our home they are overwhelmed with a feeling of love and comfort and that they feel welcome here.  To me, home is really where the heart is (as cliche as that is to say) and it should be your family’s safe-haven.  Your place to fall into, curl up in, laugh, cry, share, and experience openly and freely every other wonderful emotion.

We had 2 family get-togethers last weekend, one with Wes’ family and one with my side.  My sister came home from the University of Victoria for Christmas and saw our new house for the first time – which was neat.  We’re really looking forward to sharing our home with family and friends during the holiday season – to me, that’s another thing that makes a home special… the memories.

Of course, I wanted to share some photos of our place as it is now.  I’ve only included some of the rooms and will post photos of the others in the coming week.  ENJOY.

Special thank you to my Dad (especially), Mom, Dad-in-law, Mom-in-law, Uncle Tony, Frank, and all the family and friends who helped us on this journey.  We could not have done any of this without you.  And thank YOU for reading and sharing our excitement!

My favourite room of the house – the kitchen:

A reminder of the kitchen BEFORE-


The kitchen as it was when we purchased.


Me - working on wiring in a dust-filled kitchen (before walls!)

Wall out... yikes, this is the day I almost cried. ha.

Kitchen - Nov. 6, 2010, new drywall up... getting better...


And *drum-roll please…*



In the evening –


I LOVE our kitchen!!!!


And, day-time pictures… LOVE the sunshine that streams in the windows!!


Side 1 - took out the sink area and replaced it with fridge/stove and, of course, new cabinets.


Love how happy we are to play, eat, and spend time together in this bright, beautiful room!


Side 2 - completely new design - there was nothing on this side of the kitchen before - just a fridge. 🙂



Looking the other way.


Our "work" area - I love it!

Our kitchen is like the one I dreamt of having when I was young.  It is a pure-at-heart, country kitchen.  I love it and I love all the work that went into it.  It was my Dad’s ‘baby’ and no photos I can take capture how lovely, cozy, and sweet it truly is. (I guess you’ll just have to come for tea?!)

Being home-schoolers, we spend A LOT of time in the kitchen.  Our kitchen table is where we eat, play lego, paint, cut and paste, learn math, print letters, sing songs, play with playdough, do Science experiments, map out journeys, create projects, eat our meals, have our snacks, enjoy treats.  So, it was so crucial to me that we have a fun, bright, and easy-to-live-in kitchen space.  And, you know what, IT’S PERFECT!  I’m in love.  (PS. Thank-you, Dad!)

Some more pictures to give you an idea:

The Living Room:

Living Room 1


Living Room 2



A glance at our house at dusk... Merry Christmas and WELCOME! 🙂

Thank you for reading… in the next post I’ll definitely get pictures up of our bedrooms and our bathrooms!  Total transformations there too!

God Bless in this beautiful season, Merry Christmas!