I’m very excited and also a little nervous about a huge project that I’ve been working on for, well, way too long.  I’ve been an aspiring writer since I could put pencil to paper and I feel it’s time to truly put my money where my mouth is, so to ‘speak’.

There’s nothing “low-profile” about this project… in fact, it’s a bit controversial (to those who like to go with the grain…) and involves a lot of the kind of digging most people tend to avoid.  But, I’m pumped.  And I need your help.

Speak your mind!

I’m working with a seasoned, published writer to sketch the first three chapters of a book about the media and how it affects girls, women, and society as a whole.  Now more than ever we are bombarded with messages – all around us – we’re being told what to say, what to wear, what to buy, how to act.  We are sent so many messages, often we don’t even realize they’re being received.  Teen lives are filled to the brim with multi-media and peer influence – more than any other generation in history.  And teen girls have a lot to say about, well – everything.  And I’m asking them to share it.

We’re opening up about beauty, popularity, sex, celebrities, music, faith, Facebook, and all things ‘media’.  The soul of this project is to truly hear the hearts of today’s teens and women and dig deeper into the root of media influence.  As a Media Comm grad, I know very well that there are so many lies we are told through TV, movies, music, print media, etc. and it is my hope that we can all inspire and encourage each other to uncover the falsehoods.  ‘Counter-culture’ is maybe the phrase that would most closely describe what I’m going for.  We can choose to defy the norm, and learn how to live in true power and freedom – with a real sense of self and affirmed, deeply planted ‘identity’ and purpose.

The book is mostly geared for teen ladies but I’m looking for input from young girls all the way to senior women.  Your opinions, stories, ideas, and experiences are CRUCIAL for the raw, reality-based, no-secrets style I’m hoping to achieve through this revealing non-fiction eye-opener.

I also need some male voices – particularly young men (teens – early 20s), so if you’re a guy and you’re interested, or you know some one who may be willing to share his insights, please let me know.

I’m hoping to publish many of your stories, ideas, journal entries, experiences, etc. in the book, online through a website and blog, and also through a speaking series I plan to do.  I have full interview questionnaires available by email.  I could also interview you over the phone or in person, if you’d prefer.

All information shared is confidential and if/when your ideas and stories are used, your name will be changed for safety and privacy reasons (unless you ask otherwise and prefer to be fully credited by name.)

I truly hope to involve as many teens and women as possible in this project.  I’m looking for ladies from all backgrounds and walks of life.  I need your stories and opinions!

Also, if you are the leader of a Youth Group or a group that involves young people and/or teens – I’d love to talk to your group and involve them in a round-table discussion about these current issues and thought-provoking topics.  Please, contact me, and we can chat some more!

Please, contact me right away if you or other teens/women in your life would like to answer the survery and/or share your stories and insights!

Email –


Phone –

905-870-4856 (If I don’t get to it in time, please, leave a message with your phone number).

Thank you so much.