I kept a journal almost every single day for nearly ten years.  And, although much of the content of those diary entries was private (as in, I’d be in HUGE trouble if my parents ever read it), often embarrassing, and seemingly pointless to save – I saved them.  Every. Single.  One.  Sounds silly, but I always knew, deep inside, that I’d need them one day.

It is a rare gift to have these daily accounts of my life age 13 through 22.  I also have two huge poetry books that were written throughout the same years.  In these pages I find laughter, pain, confusion, growth, tons of immaturity and ridiculousness, and a wealth of insight into the insanity (literally) of the teenage mind.

I’m very excited about my new project (as if I needed another one, ha!).  A brand-new blog, titled, “Letters to my Teenage-self…” will allow me to open up

These long-buried diaries and share them with today’s teen girls.  Sure, it was a few years ago – but the struggles are the same.  I’ll couple the shared entries with my responses to them now – in many cases, ten years later.  If only I could have really been there to give myself the advice I can lend now.

My collection of 16 diaries and 2 poetry books...

Kind of like Taylor Swift says in her song “15”, “…wish you could tell yourself what you know now…”.

In many instances, I’m nervous – no – petrified – to share the content of these entries.  Many of them are raw, humiliating, and some are even down-right stupid.  But, they were me in another time.  And so much of what will be read is relevant and painfully real.  Kind of like an under-ages Soap-opera told by a neurotic, incohesive, obsessive, sporatic narrator who never knows what craziness the next scene entails.

The purpose of the project is to reach out to teen girls by reaching back in time to when I was them.  By making myself vulnerable and opening up, I hope to speak to and, hopefully, inspire teen girls to not make the same mistakes I made.  Or maybe to make them if they need to – but to do it more wisely than I did.  I hope to touch the hearts of today’s teens in a way I couldn’t if I weren’t endeavouring to journey back to that “head-space”, so to speak.

I can only pray that my mistakes and lessons-learned can shed light, offer a giggle, a tear, a pin-drop of inspiration to the beautiful hearts that lie in the bodies of today’s struggling teen ladies.

This project goes very closely hand-in-hand with my current book and speaking work, entitled “Project LIGHT” where I endeavour to encourage teen girls to defy the norm by rejecting negative Media messages about women, felinity, sex, and the value of these precious beings called ‘girls’ in our world by shedding LIGHT on the lies and darkness of current media attitudes and trends.


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To participate in an online interview, or to contribute your thoughts, experiences, etc. to the current project I’m working on about girls, teens, and women and how we’re affective by negative media messages, please, email me at cldorman@sympatico.ca and let me know you’re in!