I’m a sucker for a great comedic children’s book… and I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!
cracks me up. 

The illustrations are very different – it’s the sort of book that kids stare at in awe because the colours, contrasts and character expressions are so engaging and interesting to take in.

The story is about a little toddler who paints, well, everything.  His Mother initially takes the paint away, but the naughty little one climbs up to her hiding spot and proceeds to paint all his “body parts” with bright colours are crazy patterns and designs.

I value literature that offers a great story but also has great rhythm and rhyme.  This one is great for teaching children rhyming words, as every page hints at what is to come.  For example: “…Still I just can’t rest ’till I paint my…”  (then on the next page) “….CHEST!”.  It is a fantastic way to casually have kids figure out what the rhyming body part will be.  Try delaying your reading of the next word to encourage them to beat you to it.  Books like these are great tools for teaching, as little ones barely figure out they are learning.

A word of warning, I wouldn’t say this one’s for the faint at heart.   There is the word “heck” and there’s also a joke about the toddler painting his “butt” (which made both my AND the kids laugh out loud).  But we’re a little more relaxed then some about humour like this. 

An all-around great book for kids toddler through early grades.  Love it!  We borrowed it from the Library but I think I’d like to add it to our home library!

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